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Whitney lost his battle Buy Anavar Uk Credit Card on Nov. 21, 2012, Primobolan For Sale In Usa at age 74. His family still fights in his memory to help others learn about colon cancer. They participated recently in the Colon Cancer Alliance's 2014 Nashville Undy Run/Walk, in which people ran or walked in their family friendly underwear to raise awareness and help fight colon cancer. Team Don also raised more than $2,000, putting them in the top three fundraisers out of 35 teams.

"We found out by going online and trying to get involved. I live in Atlanta. We have three (Undy Run/Walks) in the Georgia area," Dianabol 10mg Pills said Sarah Whitney, one of Don Whitney's daughters, who helped organize the team. "My family being in Kentucky, Nashville was the closest to us. That's why we decided to do it in Nashville. People with a first degree relative parent, sibling or offspring who has colon cancer have two to three times the risk of developing the disease. Screening is the best way to reduce the risk.

"Screening detects precancerous polyps and allows them to be removed before turning into cancer," Whitney said. "Screening also helps find colon cancer at an early stage when treatment often leads to a cure. Colon cancer screening saves lives. That's the message that we want to get out."

Whitney remembers watching her father struggle with the disease after he was diagnosed.

"Our father started losing weight quickly. We did not realize he was passing blood. He was not able to keep food on his stomach," she said. "We knew something was going on. Being a man, he said this was going to pass. It got so bad."

On the morning he was diagnosed, Oct. 29, 2011, Don Whitney woke up asking for help, so the family rushed him to the hospital. He was taken into surgery. Later his family found out he had stage IV colon cancer.

"It was unexpected. It was an unreal moment. We didn't know what to think because he was the backbone of the family," Whitney said. "It really didn't sink in. We never lost hope. We kept praying and hoping for the best.

"He did pretty good there for a while and then Sept. 12 (2012), we learned the Buy Viagra Tablets Uk cancer had come back and that it had spread," she said. "He hid a lot of it from us. He never complained. The man that he was, he was trying to be strong. At times I think I should've pushed harder for him to go to the doctor, but it didn't happen."

Whitney didn't realize the number of lives her father had touched until she saw how many people visited him when he was sick and then at the visitation after he died.

"The outpouring of love Cheap Lovegra Uk they were wrapped around the building to spend time with the family," she said.

Now Whitney believes it's important to reach out to people about colon cancer. When the family sends Christmas and birthday cards, they send messages about the disease. They talk to their church families and coworkers. They give out blue ribbons the symbol for colon cancer and have made wristbands.

"It's important we start (screening) at age 50. My father was 73 and he had never had a colonoscopy," she said. "If he had been screened, it possibly would've caught the cancer."

The Whitney family plans to participate in the Undy Run/Walk again next year and keep spreading Buy Viagra Uk Forum the word.

"We're going to get more people together, and by doing that we can touch more people," she said.

Lauryn said she learned that anything can happen and that the disease is not as uncommon as she thought it was. She was happy to do something in memory of her grandfather.

"I Buy Viagra Uk Cheap was happy because it was to support a good cause, and I was going to participate in something that I thought was fun and something I could do to help people at the same time," she said. "I just Buy Kamagra Online wanted to get the word out about colon cancer to save somebody's granddaddy like mine."

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